Meet Kelly

Prophetess Kelly Crews is the CEO and founder of Kelly Crews Ministries (KCM). The vision and passion of this ministry is to proclaim the saving, healing and delivering power of Jesus Christ worldwide. KCM empowers people globally to walk fully and freely in God's purpose for their lives. God has truly anointed and appointed Prophetess Crews to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ with grace and love, dividing asunder the spirits of mediocrity and complacency in order for people to experience the extraordinary manifestation of God's glory. She truly walks in an Isaiah 61 anointing, "to bind up the broken-hearted and set the captives free."


Kelly Crews Ministries was established in 2003. She knew she was given a great mandate to boldly speak the Word of the Lord and it could not be ignored. Kelly has overcome devastating adversity, in her life, from the time she was a child. She never let the challenges obstruct her from God's calling. Through this ministry, God allows her to travel all over the world preaching, teaching, singing and prophesying the Word of the Lord. Prophetess Kelly has authored and published six books, including “Maximize Your Life.” Some words to describe the ministry of Prophetess Kelly would be impacting, revelatory, relational and real. God uses her voice as an instrument to shift atmospheres and bring permanent change to people.


She has served in leadership for many years in the Cleveland Ohio area. Prophetess Kelly says that she has taken all the limits off of God. As she is continually giving God glory, the sentiments of her heart are simply this: "Lord, please don't ever take your Spirit from me, for I am nothing without you. She has committed her life to glorifying God. Accordingly, her personal life and ministry truly exemplifies the saying, "Lord, I'm available to you!" She is the proud mother of two beautiful children, Jordan and Makayla, who are her pride and joy.