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Walk On 

With Kelly 

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Stop stopping yourself, create a self-loving mindset,

raise your self-esteem and

become brave enough to pursue

your goals!

Start calming anxiety by

re-framing your thoughts + feel more empowered in life! This workbook is personalized to shift your thinking and get you back on track!


Meet Kelly

Prophetess Kelly Crews is the founder of Kelly Crews Ministries (KCM) and Surge Women International, a non-profit organization set to assist women and children escape the grasp of oppression and poverty. The vision and passion of this ministry is to proclaim the saving, healing and delivering power of Jesus Christ worldwide. KCM empowers people globally to walk fully and freely in God's purpose for their lives. God has truly anointed and appointed Prophetess Crews to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ with grace and love, dividing asunder the spirits of mediocrity and complacency in order for people to experience the extraordinary manifestation of God's glory. 


Kelly Crews Ministries was established in 2003. Through this ministry, God allows her to travel all over the world preaching, teaching, singing and prophesying the Word of the Lord. Some words to describe the ministry of Prophetess Kelly would be impacting, revelatory, relational and real. God uses her voice as an instrument to shift atmospheres and bring permanent change to people.

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Mentoring with Kelly

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When we connect, we confidently achieve your biggest dreams. TOGETHER. RIGHT NOW.

You’ve created your vision. Now it’s time for the ‘how’ to fall into place. It’s time to change your mindset. Sound challenging? It is. I’m here to challenge you. I’m here to keep you accountable. I’m here to help transform you.


  • Go from a GREAT life to an EXTRAORDINARY life

  • Move from a GOOD job to doing a job you LOVE

  • Go from feeling OK to feeling FANTASTIC.


I dare you to dream big and to move the mountains of doubt, fear and resistance. We do this gracefully and authentically.

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